Almost, but not quite, out of TN…

Way out in far West TN, at WB4YDL’s Union City QTH, where the big order of business was replacing his broken Orion 2800 rotator, swapping to a Prosistel  61-D. That went off without a hitch, as ye olde cliche has it.

A secondary job was installing a new motor on the TIC Ring orbital ring down at 62 ft. That, too, went off without any problem, until we tried turning the ring. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch, et cetera…the new motor simply had no torque. Of course, TIC claims this is the first time they’ve seen such an issue or problem in 20 years. Why is it that I continue to be the very first installer/worker to discover such things? We tried increasing the voltage, to no avail, so re-installed the old motor, leaving the voltage bit higher on it, too. This helped somewhat to eliminate its former sluggishness, so we called it a day and climbed on down.

Finally, the next morning we got up and replaced one of the broken 80M four square verticals, along with replacing the elevated radials with copperweld, hoping they’ll survive longer.

Headed home, using Dr. Jamie’s suggested route–much better than what the lady in the box had us doing–driving through Nashville, uggghhhh!!

Rain in this week’s Charlotte forecast, making tower work unlikely, alas.

stay tuned…

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