April showers…okay, ridiculous weather

A mad dash up Nawth, as folks hereabouts sometimes say, found us first finalizing the install of N4UP’s 72-ft US Tower crank up. The fun part was getting the Bobcat rented & actually moving the tower from where it had been off-loaded, then over, down & across the yard, to the newly-cured tower base. Hadn’t run a Bobcat in a few years, but it all came back rather quickly. Pretty smooth, considering the slope of the yard. Install took 50 minutes from tower pickup to final bolt through the mounting flange.

Then a site survey for N3US.

Then up to W4CYS. Apparent lightning strike. Replaced the Prosistel pot, but the GH-21 was sstill not working, so that’s gone back to Green Heron.

Then K5VRX, where I was only able to make a temporary fix type repair, as all new control cable & coax are needed.

Then K1DQV, where the BX-56 went up in fine fashion. Wind gusts of 35-40MPH made hauling up the SteppIR simply too risky, both financial-wise & safety-wise. Rain & higher winds soon arrived, as we headed back to NC. Everyone agrees, Spring needs to arrive!

Next, finish up the N5AHS install when needed parts arrive. Then back on the road.

stay tuned…

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