Day EIGHT in Texas…

Well, time heals all wounds, or so nearly said Chaucer, and the quote has continued creeping forward with us ever since. While the wounds may not exactly heal, the mind manages to maneuver its way around them, and we go on, slowly forgetting the pain and suffering. That’s the way today went–working and concentrating on getting the towers, antennas, and assorted gear all staged and ready to load on to (and in to) the moving truck when it arrives tomorrow morning.  I think we’re ready.  This focused and final effort allowed me NOT to think about losing nearly every single piece of tower work hardware and tools I own today! I say nearly since I do have ONE 9/16-inch deep well socket left–one that I’d stuck in my pants pocket while moving from project to project yesterday. So I’m down, but not totally out, right? Ah, the eternal optimist prevails….

Of course, clients are still calling or emailing, wondering when I’ll be showing up somewhere, and I must admit, it’s rather difficult not to be able to answer them with something specific. But replacing all of my tools won’t be an easy task. It’s not as if I can waltz in to one single store and come out with everything I need.  But I digress…this is all part and parcel of the workaday world. Nearly everyone I’ve discussed the robbery with (or readers of yesterday’s blog), has shared a similar tale of vandalism, theft, or some sort of heist or robbery. You almost conclude crime could pay, having heard the stories! I keep thinking how Elmore Leonard might handle this tale, and I go on.

If all goes well, the truck should be loaded by noon. Then K5MR and I have to take one more Telrex beam apart, and then I should be on the road home. Listening to LENI: The Life and Work of Leni Riefenstahl, a bargain audio book I found recently. I’ve always been fascinated with her work, especially after studying Triumph of the Will and Olympia in film school. The biography is very well documented and detailed. It’s my first attempt at an extended audio book while traveling, and I admit to liking it (even more than the simple SIRIUS escapism I’ve gotten used to).

stay tuned…

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