Faithful followers o’mine…

No, you’re not about to be asked to drink the Kool-Aid, merely an update, an FYI, as it were, on yesterday’s eye surgery. Saw the Doctor this AM & the prognosis is very good. I’d post a picture, but small children might be in the room when you opened it, scarring them for life. Suffices to say I appear to have been on the receiving end of that proverbial blunt object.   This lying down with the head slanted at 45 degrees, w/ice over the eyes, is also getting quite old. Needless to say, this limits one’s sensory input possibilities. Luckily there’s 40M CW & Sirius at the bedside….  I am supposedly going to be 100% next week. It remains to be seen whether or not all of the newly purchased tools, gear, & equipment will have arrived, putting me back on to something like a normal track. As I like to say

stay tuned…


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