Fort Mill Follies…

Okay, it’s presumptuous and polarizing to say today’s work (at K4MQG’s) was a bit off key, but the latter half of the labor certainly leaned in that direction. After refurbishing Gary’s 402-CD in mid-morning, we decided clearing some offending branches from the proposed tramming path to the tower to be a good idea. Naturally, this meant hauling a ladder over to the tree, shuffling around with it until it was more-or-less level and capable of being securely tied to the branch(es) in question. And then we discovered the light-weight electric chainsaw wouldn’t work. At all. And the old standby Homelight would start right up, then immediately die, despite every machination and voodoo curse heaped on it. In desperation, Gary called his son, who’d borrowed his OTHER Homelight and brought it over. Then away we went. And the branches came down quite easily (HomeLIGHT is almost certainly an oxymoron here–this old blue baby was heavy~!). Anyway, a good day’s work and the path is cleared for next week, when we hope we can get the 40M beam back in the air. (No pictures, to protect the innocent, as they used to say on Dragnet…)

stay tuned….

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