Follow ups….

Some checks have arrived for “the RECOVERY FUND,” which pleases, impresses, surprises, even humbles me. I thank you all!

Still moving items from the original QTH to safer storage. Visitors to the storage site walked away with my 160M dipole, a TB-3 thrust bearing and some assorted cables. Obviously not high dollar items but still, it’s the principle of the thing. They just walk about picking up my things to steal, thinking (I guess) they may be able to get a dollar or two for something. (I can’t believe they’re trying to start a tower/antenna business or put together their own ham station!)  It’s very depressing…

A quickie job early this week–WK4P’s tower base and elevated guy posts. Then on to the ham radio Mecca-moment in Ohio, the Dayton Hamvention. Teaching couple classes at this year’s Contest University, which should be fun. Hopefully the whole experience will boost my spirits just a tad!

stay tuned…

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