Heading into Fall…

Just home from another trip to Culpeper, VA, where I got W4CYS’s 130-ft 55G stood up in place.  Drove up Sunday, worked Monday & Tuesday building antennas & feedlines (2M, 6M, XM-240 & C-31 beams). W2GD came down Tuesday night, the crane arrived at 8 on Wednesday, & just like usual, once we strapped it on, it was basically 15 minutes until we had the tower set. Ya just gotta luv working w/cranes….

Then the delicate part began–stacking all those antennas on one chrome-moly mast (24 ft) one at a time. Which became just a bit dicey once we got to the C-31—there wasn’t a lot of room left. But all went okay.  Thursday we spent plumbing & re-tensioning the guys, then securing what feedlines we had, along with installing the Prosistel rotator. I’ll be going back shortly to finalize the install…

stay tuned

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