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Spent a couple hours out at the “old QTH,” finally get the topmost guys installed on the 25G tower.

Frustrated after the last attack from vandals, & half-worried they’d come back & finally remove ALL the guywires, but anyway, the 100-feet is standing there now, fully guyed.
I’ll get some Crosby Clips & install safety wires this week, after the new Phillystran relaxes a bit….then it’s time to clear some of the brush & make room to build antennas. The tower will carry a TH-11 & an XM-240 at the top.
And a pair of vertical dipoles for 80/160M, too. Perfect WX for this work. Thanks to Shaun for helping out. Next up, finding some decent Heliax to run to the tower base (several runs pulled from the taken-down pile tested bad yesterday, alas…).

stay tuned

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