K4ZA still alive & well, despite not posting

Okay, N4JQQ writes in, wondering if I’m alive, because the blog page has been empty for far too long. That’s all my fault, of course, and Steve’s concern (while a pleasant surprise) reminds me that bloggers do have some “responsibility” to readership. So, herewith, an update on K4ZA tower work.

Part of the reason for the slowdown is my helper, KI4TZ, took a real fulltime job, which I totally understand. But it has meant I’ve been doing more work by myself, and that means I’m basically too tired to write about what I just accomplished. But we did manage to get to AL and secure changes to AA4X’s tower. When NE3Z (a local) decided on the tower configuration, Joe and I installed everything, but then a month later I went back because he decided he wanted to return to his original configuration, which meant taking down what we just installed, putting a new (longer/heavier) mast in place, and installing the H-frame and the new Tennadyne LP. There were a couple more SK takedowns (these are becoming more and more common), as the median age within our hobby creeps ever higher, etc. Still in the queue are jobs in FL, MD, VA, OH and MS. Indeed, the client there flew me down to do a site survey for his three tower installation. Then there was Field Day, and as I so often do, I went to MD to hang out with my PVRC brethren. Despite somewhat lousy conditions, we managed another year of 10K QSOs, running in the 18A category. Anytime you have over 10 transmitters running, so many folks are seemingly overwhelmed; their comments are amazing. One of the VA jobs will be dismantling the K4VV station, which I put up 10-11 years ago, as the owner now has the big-A and can no longer utilize what we installed. A real shame, but so it goes. Two Big Berthas and OWAs and so forth. Inquire if you’re reading this and have some interest in high dollar hardware!

stay tuned…

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