Oh Well…May As Well TRY catching up

Lots of work, lots of travel.
Managed to get N2QV’s OptiBeam 18-6 modified & repaired.
Then on to mid-MO, where things were, well, interesting, to say the least.

First client in St Louis was unable to meet with me due to his daughter’s wedding, so pushed further West
to Ashland, where I delivered AI0O’s 160/80M vertical tuning unit. Rob is swamped with work himself, so no
time to really chat or otherwise enjoy each other’s company. So back on the road, headed further South &
East, to pick up some 55G tower for a VA client, which I purchased last year. Imagine my surprise (if you can lavel
it thus) to discover to tower sections were simply plain old Rohn 45G~! Over 700 miles, with the expenses of
gas, motels, food, & all with nothing to show for it. On top of all the other monetary mis-steps this month….a bitter
pill to swallow, for sure.

Luckily, another WANTED post on QTH.com has turned up some tower, this time in Albany, NY, this time from someone who knows what’s what, et cetera. Now the only issue will be getting there & getting it taken down & hauled to N VA & home (I only need 100 ft; there’s 140 feet to be taken down).

Joe managed to get some work done (things requiring only one man) while I was on the road, earning himself
some cash.

Met with W3PAL (formerly UA3PAL)) & agreed to do a turnkey install for him: 70-ft of 25G at his Rock Hill QTH.

Trying to shuffle through various other jobs at the moment. FD weekend is upon us. I won’t be sharing in the PVRC
glory this time out; Going to do some CW for the little CDXA effort on Saturday night.

stay tuned…

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