Supposedly the favorite day of the week…

Amidst pouring rain here in Charlotte, got a phone call from old friend & co-worker at University of Maryland (TV engineer), Bob Swanner. We’d not spoken for probably close to 10 years. So that was a treat–I had replied to his “LinkedIn” request. Very saddened to learn that the third member of our little TV trio there, Paul Malec, passed away a year ago. What with learning old ham radio pal Army Rist, W8CSH, became a Silent Key over three years ago, this hasn’t been a good month for keeping up with old acquaintances & so forth.

N4HN, who lives here in town, discovered a break in one of his Universal tower siderails. Certainly not good. He wants an estimate. Work will have to be done from a manbasket & a crane–the tower isn’t safe to climb, of course.

The local DX repeater, W4DXA, is quiet; everyone appears to be out of town, headed to TN, to the W4DXCC gathering.

I’m off to the Coast, to pick up a tower & complete K2QWD’s SteppIR install.

W2GD is at Yankee Stadium, hoping the game isn’t rained out. We’ll be watching from here, of course, on MLB network.

stay tuned…

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