Thursday tidbits

It’s still raining in Myrtle Beach; it’s threatening to rain in Charlotte. Considering we’ve been in what the weatherfolk refer to as a “mild drought” this year, it’s hard to believe I’ve lost work or had it delayed or otherwise set back due to rain. But so it goes.

Many, many jobs have been rescheduled or shuffled around, et cetera. Folks are calling, emailing, wondering if/when we’ll get to them, & while I understand their needs/wants, I’m still working on a first-come, first-served basis. If I don’t have the parts at-hand to do the work, another client can slide ahead of their work in the queue, which sometimes causes misunderstandings or worse. But every client is important. Trying to explain this process sometimes works, sometimes not. Trying to save the client travel costs (re-arranging trips so that the travel costs are SHARED) seems to make little difference. So, I may simply drop that aspect of my scheduling forecast & let the charges fall where they fall.

stay tuned…

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