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K4ZA and K4DXA working on repairing K4MK’s 80M Yagi

Tower Works: That title says it all—if you need tower work done, from installation to repair, I can probably help you!

With 52 years of ham radio experience, I’ve worked on most every size & make of tower/beam, and specialize in Rohn guyed-towers (25, 45, 55G, etc.). Have a solid mechanical & engineering background (National Contest Journal contributing editor), along with all the necessary skills & tools to install, take down, or repair your system, whether it’s 20 or 200-feet high.

Reasonable rates, good reviews, & ability to travel.

The picture, by the way, is Ken, K4DXA, & myself, working on repairing Kent’s, K4MK, 80M Yagi, a 2L Create. After lowering it just a bit, a system of slings allowed me to tilt the boom so Ken could climb down, access the element tips, & lengthen them. We then repeated that process three more times, successfully tuning the beam in the air, on the tower.  Kent was very happy with the repair.

4 Responses to Hire K4ZA

  1. Tom Gray kb8bm says:

    50 ft round tower came down in storm has Mosley cl 33 and co-phased 13el 2 meter beams plus 2meter slick can you help fix

  2. K4ZA says:

    NO idea what “round tower” means, unless it’s something like a MA-40 or so…?
    No idea if it’s “fixable” either.
    If you mean replace it, once you have new mast in hand, we can discuss.

    No idea what a “2meter slick” is or means, either.

    Don (pse use k4zadondaso for correspondence) & not the blog page

  3. Where are you located at? says:

    Where are you located at?

  4. K4ZA says:

    Try looking at the “Contact K4ZA” page….??

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