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Well, it has been a while since I’ve posted or listed anything on this blog. I read in places that blogs are no longer needed or relevant, et cetera. But then I come across one that’s actually interesting, so I admit, I don’t know how I truly feel about them.  Herewith, I’ll attempt to bring any leftover readers (who are still with me) up to date.

The stemcell regeneration therapy I underwent was, to put it bluntly, a total bust. Those medicos were the most blase I’ve ever encountered. “Gee Mr Daso,  it appears you are among the 5% of the folks for whom this does not work…”  I hate to say it but I was hoping for something a tad more reactive & proactive than that. But so it goes.

Searched around Charlotte & found this Indian doc who wanted to use platelet enriched plasma injections. Sounded promising so I went with that. Blood is taken from y9u, the cute little nurse carries it across the hall & removes the plasma & then the remainder is injected back into you, while the plasma is undergoing some further modifications, etc. That is then injected into your knee. A total of eight injectons, following a series of hyaluronic acid shots . And I can honestly say SOMEthing is happening in my knees. The pain is gone, but I am now very very stiff. In fact, getting up out of chairs or off the couch is somewhat embarassing–watching me struggle & listening to the snaps & pops as I arise. And I am still using a cane to get across the yard or over any uneven terrain. In the house or on a concrete driveway I can navigate okay. otherwise I have the cane in hand.

I have done some local (Charlotte area) jobs sitting in a chair, directing others. Which is very frustrating but earns a few dollars. I find no one works as fast as I do nor knows as much (it seems) so the work is slow & sometimes confusing & frustrating, but so it goes.

I hope to return to climbing sometime next month. We shall see…stay tuned…

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