JUNE 2022 update

Despite the blog having fallen into something akin to despair (or total near-abandonment), I still maintain an interest in tower & antenna work. I’ve simply suffered through some weird medical issues–an incident of Bell’s Palsy which put me out for almost four months at the first of the year, the on-going pandemic with Covid (which continues to haunt us) & then the continued issues with my knees. While I spent considerable time with the Ortho docs, all they wanted to talk about was replacement. And frankly, I was just not ready to go down that road. I needed something cheaper, something with a higher “guaranteed” success rate, & something having a faster turn around time. I went to a seminar & meeting here in Charlotte for something called stem cell regeneration therapy. And I was impressed. If these guys are in any way dishonest, they deserve Oscars, because they are that good at presenting their spiel..

I went through the series of hyaluronic acid shots, which prep the joints. Yesterday I got the first (or possibly my only one needed) stemcell injection. Supposedly I will not see any changes or reactions for a couple weeks. But I remain optimistic. And am already suffering less pain as I stand. So that’s something.

I certainly hope their predictions come true. And I can return to something akin to normalcy sooner rather than later.

stay tuned

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