Well, while it took two months, I finally got the van back from Dodge, repaired & working properly once again. I drove around a week or so with the flashing light on the dash & the incessant alarm beeping, telling me the side doors were open, driving me half insane. Coming home from a local job, I somehow stumbled & fell down in a Wendy’s parking lot, tearing about a silver dollar-sized chunk out of my right knee. Now, I have seemingly finally “recovered” or whatever from that stupid fall, which put me out of commision for a couple months. The pain levels just kept increasing,  moving down to my ankle & up to my hip, despite simply falling only on my kneecap. I was unble to have the scheduled-MRI done because I could only lie still on the hard plastic table for about 20 seconds, a far cry from the required 18 minutes. The prescribed pain meds did nothing. So….I switched doctors. The new guy was totally different & took a much more direct approach, telling me not to waste any money on an MRI, that I simply needed total knee replacement, pointing to the X-rays showing bone rubbing againt bone. And that the fall likely slammed the bones together, & my then-modified gait (due to the pain) likely contributed to some nerve issues, etc. Then he gave me a cortisone shot, & two days later, my pain was gone & I’ve been basically back to at least half-assed normal ever since. Now you know…

Been working hard at shipping K4BVQ & KF4TP Silent Key items. Have spent wayyyy too much time/effort on this, for basically zero return. But I can’t see shipping these boat anchor items (true treasures, some of them) without proper packaging, etc. But am going back to the “pick up only” rule. We shall see how successful that works out to be.

AND NOW…a note about contacting me for work. Please, please, please, only use my email address, which is quite simple:  k4za@juno dot com  for queries or questions or comments. Do try to be specific so I can provide meaningful answers or estimates. Telling me you want a 50-foot tower in your back yard does not help in the least!

There are numerous jobs in the queue, which I am slowly working at getting done. Beginning with some NC/SC work, & then heading Westward, out to KS, MO, & TN. Hoping to get these jobs wrapped up before snow flies, of course.

stay tuned…

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