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K4ZA and K4DXA working on repairing K4MK’s 80M Yagi

Tower Works: That title says it all—if you need tower work done, from installation to repair, I can probably help you!

With 52 years of ham radio experience, I’ve worked on most every size & make of tower/beam, and specialize in Rohn guyed-towers (25, 45, 55G, etc.). Have a solid mechanical & engineering background (National Contest Journal contributing editor), along with all the necessary skills & tools to install, take down, or repair your system, whether it’s 20 or 200-feet high.

Reasonable rates, good reviews, & ability to travel.

The picture, by the way, is Ken, K4DXA, & myself, working on repairing Kent’s, K4MK, 80M Yagi, a 2L Create. After lowering it just a bit, a system of slings allowed me to tilt the boom so Ken could climb down, access the element tips, & lengthen them. We then repeated that process three more times, successfully tuning the beam in the air, on the tower.  Kent was very happy with the repair.

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  1. K4ZA says:

    I long ago gave up trying to provide MEANINGFUL estimates on ham radio installations. There are simply way too many variables. Pse contact me directly to discuss your needs. Use: k4za@juno.com or use the work cell
    704 408 7948.

  2. K4ZA says:

    Perhaps you could use a Rohn 25G w/a house bracket, but the base still needs to be set in concrete, regardless.
    10-15 ft up is likely going to put the bolts through an interior wall of your house, likely not what you want.
    Higher would not only resolve that but would aid in the integrity of the installation. 99.999999999% of my work
    is ham radio, not TV antennas, & I have no idea where you are, so a travel estimate isn’t possible. Good luck & best regards, Don

  3. brent robeson says:

    would like a 70 foot radio tower, ground radials etc for 150 meters. am in town creek Alabama. this mays be to expensive don’t know

  4. K4ZA says:

    Unless this tower has significant top loading, it will not be an effective vertical for 160M (assume that’s a typo in yr query).
    Impossible to provide meaningful estimate from query, as there are simply wayyyyyyyy too many variables. What type of tower?
    You supply tower, or do I? Can you do any work, or must I provide helper, meaning if you can do the base/anchor work that eliminates one trip, otherwise requires two. Hopefully you get the idea.

    Use my email address for faster replies, etc. k4za at juno dot com

  5. Sloan Davis says:

    I’m looking to have installed a HAM antenna just behind my house in a “wooded area” just beyond the pool. Since I live in a subdivision, it can’t really be visible from the road but can be “camouflaged” to blend in among the trees. The antennas I’m considering are the MFJ-2389 Vertical 80-2 meter plus UHF or the MFJ HF/6M 3.5-54mhz. I would require the complete setup-grounding, cable buried and weather proofed etc. Is this something your company does?

  6. K4ZA says:


    Email reply to you simply come back, undeliverable.
    Please contact me directly using MY email address:
    k4za at juno dot com

    Or call the workcell 704 408 7948.
    We’ll go from there, tnx! 73 Don k4za

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