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K4ZA and K4DXA working on repairing K4MK's 80M Yagi

Tower Works: That title says it all—if you need tower work done, from installation to repair, I can probably help you!

With 48 years of ham radio experience, I’ve worked on most every size & make of tower/beam, and specialize in Rohn guyed-towers (25, 45, 55G, etc.). Have a solid mechanical & engineering background (National Contest Journal contributing editor), along with all the necessary skills & tools to install, take down, or repair your system, whether it’s 20 or 200-feet high.

Reasonable rates, good reviews, & ability to travel.

The picture, by the way, is Ken, K4DXA, & myself, working on repairing Kent’s, K4MK, 80M Yagi, a 2L Create. After lowering it just a bit, a system of slings allowed me to tilt the boom so Ken could climb down, access the element tips, & lengthen them. We then repeated that process three more times, successfully tuning the beam in the air, on the tower.  Kent was very happy with the repair.

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  1. Hi Don,
    Congrats on your new Web Site – just got back from Kansas and was aurprised to asee it.
    Last month I had my Alpha 76 upgrades by N4UQ. Replaced the two 8874’s with two 3CX800’s, which give the equilivant power out as the 3-holer 8874 version. Also added WARC band upgrade to allow 12 meter operation. Also added the QSK mod, and he threw in a NEW black front panel.

    The new Tennadyne T-10 is working fine except 12 meters, where the SWR is VERY high across the entire band. I plan to take some telephotos of it to see if there is an obvious assembly problem – will let you know what I find.

    Alsoo, congrats on the book! Is there any way to get a version I could read on the
    PC? Otherwise I will buy a copy, and handd scan it into my PC which will produce a PDF file I can enlarge and read (hopefully I wont have tear each page out to scan).

    Give my regards to the old gang at the BBQ this weekend.

  2. Steve Besner says:

    Don –
    Your website looks very polished and professional. I guess that’s in keeping with your new status as noted author (hihi). Everything is fine on this end. The KT-34 is working as it should with stable and low SWR readings on all bands (20m – 1.1, 15m – 1.2 and 10m -1.3). Even when it rains, the SWR doesn’t go up that much other than on 10m, but it’s still quite usable. You would be surprised to see my backyard now; it looks naked compared to the mess of trees and growth you’ve seen. In hindsight, I probably should have cleared the area before deciding on a beam. My next beam will be something other than a M2, but I have to admit it works well even at 40 feet. I’ve managed to generate a few European pileups on 20 and 15. That’s a bit of a thrill for a non-big gun. 73, Steve N3EON

  3. Our Asheville radio tower has sustained some damage and needs to be repaired/replaced. I would be interested in receiving a quote for the repair and/or replacement of a new tower

    Michelle B Hines
    Loss Prevention Director
    Clegg’s Termite & Pest Control, LLC
    PO Box 3089
    Durham, NC 27715
    (919) 477-2134

  4. Phillip Hare says:

    Do you travel to Cary, NC? I just purchased an A3S and will be adding the 40m dipole option – but haven’t a tower yet… do you sell and install?

    I’m trying to find out what the restrictions are in Cary (I haven’t any neighborhood covenants to be concerned with, and have 1.5 acre lot) but can’t get anyone that works for the town to call me back. Are you aware of any restrictions here? 35-40′ is fine for me.


    Phillip Hare / W4ABF


  5. Jesus A Fandino N4JAF says:

    Hi Don. I have a US tower 55ft with manual crank to raise or lower the tower.What I will like to get is control box that can raise or lower the tower by control remote like the one that is used on garage door?. For example
    you press control remote botton #1(3 botton control)and it goes up. Press #2 and stop, Press #3 and goes down. With limit swicth on top and botton. I’m planing in using reversible 3/4 hp motor with reducing gear box.
    Do you know of anybody that can make schematic or blue print so I can build the control box. Please let me know

    Jesus A Fandino N4JAF
    6440 SW 4 St
    Miami,FL 33144

  6. K4ZA says:

    I don’t have anything myself; I’m a guyed tower fan, not much w/crank up towers…

    Have you checked with the manufacturer? If you strike out there, I’d post a simple “request” to share the
    factory-written manual (w/circuit diagram) from someone over on the “tower talk” reflector. I
    am certain you’ll find what you need that way…
    GL vy 73 Don K4ZA

  7. Frank Kirschner says:


    I got your info from Tom, WA2BZK. I’m interested in putting up a 60′ tower with a TH-11 and a 6-m Yagi. I’m a DAV, so I’m quite limited in what I can do. I live in Germantown, MD (about 20 miles north of Washington, DC).

    Please contact me if you would be available to work on this project. Thanks.

    73, Frank
    Cell: 703 328-4387

  8. K4ZA says:

    Frank: E-mailed a separate response to you tonight. Contact me direct (k4za at juno dot com) if you have further questions, etc.
    GL & 73 Don

  9. Bill Maddock says:


    Do you work in the Memphis area? What would I need to do to obtain
    a quote to do some tower work?

    Thanks much,

    Bill Maddock N4ZI

  10. K4ZA says:

    Sure Bill…continuing correspondence via regular emails…73 za

  11. Tim Samaras says:


    Just got your book today—looks great! Know anybody that has about four sections of Rohn 65g? I have 4 and a half (tower cut in half…suppose somebody wanted to use it as the concrete base–would prefer a tapered base..) sections of 65g..and all the used tower dealers want arm/leg/first-born for sections..

    Tim Samaras

  12. K4ZA says:

    hi Tim: No, don’t know anyone w/65G for sale…it’s big stuff & frightens most folks away simply by size alone! I’d post a WANT AD
    on the QTH dot come tower page; I have had very good luck finding things there!
    Hope you enjoy the tower book…vy 73 Don K4ZA

  13. Gary Grove K7EJ says:

    Hello. I am looking to hire someone to install an antenna tower/quad in south central Washington. Do you have any contacts out this way that you recommend?

  14. Jim Johnson says:

    Our homeowners assn, seven lakes west, has a radio tower presently in use by county emergency services. As of the end of 2012 this tower should be not used as the county communications transfers to viper. Tower is triangular, 7 sections , (probably 15-20ft each), guyed top, upper and mid points, presently 3 UHF repeater antennas and 1 multi band vertical on top. When the county releases it we will want to have have it removed and disposed of. Your comments, interests, etc. are most appreciated. Regards, jimj, 910.400.3019

  15. K4ZA says:

    hi Jim:
    Send me some pictures if at all possible, so I can make a more accurate assessment of the
    takedown requirements.
    Use my email address
    Or you can call me to discuss: 704 408 7948 work cell but am not climbing tomorrow,
    Saturday, 2nd June.

  16. Jeanne Cook says:

    We are purchasing a house in Illinois with a large ham radio tower and we want to have it taken down, but do not want to do the work ourselves do you know anyone in Illinois Chicago area that can do this. thanks

  17. K4ZA says:

    hi Jeanne: That’s what I do, but I don’t know anyone in the Chicago area. however,
    I have an up-coming job in Chicago (scheduled late July/early August) & could
    do the work then. It would be most helpful if you could provide some pictures &
    dimensions of the tower beforehand. Use k4za@juno.com for emails.
    Closeup pics of the base, the anchors, etc. most useful. Thanks, Don K4ZA

  18. K4ZA says:

    Jeanne Cook:

    Send pictures or call if you’re still in need of help! 704 408 7948 cell…
    Don K4ZA

  19. Jim lail wb4ovo says:

    Have a 48 ft rohn galvanized steel tower with surface rust. It has a Telrex , wind destroyed and a 17 mtr home brew on top.what would it cost to let it down, hinged base, so I can sand, clean and repaint. I`m 75 ,don`t climb anymore. I am in Hickory, abt. 40 mi. from Charlotte.

  20. K4ZA says:

    Jim: Answered you directly. If you have further questions, use k4za at juno dot com for them or call 704 4087948 work cell. 73 Don

  21. Joni Mcevoy says:

    My father has been a Ham Radio operator for 30+ years and we live in buffalo NY. He bought a new antenna for his tower and we are trying to find someone who can install it for him. Wondering if you could help !!!

  22. K4ZA says:

    hi Joni:
    Your Father bought what…?

    Send your question to me directly–without using this blog post, at

    Regards, Don k4za


  24. K4ZA says:

    Glad you are reading the blog, but never sub out painting work…73 za

  25. Phil McDonald says:

    I’d like to hire you to help me with my rig and antenna

  26. K4ZA says:

    Phil: answered your query directly. k4za@juno.com is my email adr. Don k4za

  27. I’ve read some good stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how so much attempt you set to create this sort of excellent informative website.

  28. Milton Coleman Sr says:

    I have a modest setup and am considering a small tower (50 ft?) on which to mount a small beam for 20, 15 and 10 (perhaps an OptiBeam 6-el tribander). Since I am not a climber, what about a crank-up, tip-over tower (free-standing). Never had a tower before so, I’m a babe in the woods.
    Thanks, Milt k4oso — in beautiful Rockville, Virginia, 30 miles west of Richmond along interstate 64.

  29. K4ZA says:

    hi Milt
    Much easier to reply using regular email channel, which I’ll do…73 Don K4ZA

  30. Joe Barnes says:

    Don Good morning, do you think that you might get down to the Jacksonville Florida area sometime soon? I have a few projects that need tackling. The first and most pressing is to take a hygain 105ba a 7 element C3I 6 meter beam and a 19 element C3I 2 meter beam off of the top of my 125 foot rohn 25. I need to have a couple of runs of coax taken off of the tower as well. I then need to have an 8 element 6 meter beam and 2 long boom 16 element 2 meter beams put back up there along with a run of LDF5-50. I also need to have a 160 meter sloper and a run of Davis buryflex put up for the sloper. I may need to have the rotor replaced, there are 2 thrust bearings holding the weight of the chrome moly mast so that should help.Thank you for your input.

  31. K4ZA says:

    Replied via my email account: k4za@juno.com

    vy 73 Don K4ZA

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