16 August 2009

Sunday morning…and a few minutes here at the keyboard to catch up again. Just in from another sizzling week of work in sunny South Texas, rebuilding the NR5M station. W2GD & I put up four (4) OWAs in one day! A new four stack of 13L 6M beams, which just may be the largest 6M array in the world, then later that afternoon, two 20M OWAs. The heat index hit 111 on Tuesday, so this was a good time to own stock in bottled water & Gatorade! But…all’s well that ends well & George seemed pleased with the efforts, & made a solid showing in the NAQP Saturday afternoon as we were finishing up. Check out the new “live” webcam available at the station, too.

Next up? Another 80M Yagi installation, & two new, larger 10M OWAs, to be stacked on the 1st 80M Yagi tower (9L jobs!), after we reconfigure the guys. Then there’s talk of having us install a 2M EME array…

stay tuned

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