A Simple Plea….let’s see if it has any effect~!

It’s not uncommon for me to receive an email query like this:

“My name is Bob & I need a 40-ft tower installed in my backyard. What would this cost?”

Naturally, one has to respond to this sort of thing. But it’s obviously way too vague to really do anything with, at least in a meaningful way. And I must say, not ONE such inquiry has ever lead to any further work. Not once! And I’ve been doing this tower work thing now since 2000. Disappointing, to say the least, because I suspect the authors of such messages may have really “wanted” and/or “needed” a tower to further enjoy ham radio, in whatever capacity they chose. But I digress…

The more detail you provide, the better I can serve you. Maybe buy & read Antenna Towers for Radio Amateurs? (Shameless self-promotion, huh, even though I do not see any money from such sales, which lots of folks think happens when I make such a suggestion.) But you get the idea. I need as much detailed information as possible to even BEGIN to answer you. Even then, I prefer to do a site survey, which allows me to pre-visualize your installation. Otherwise, most anything or everything I say or suggest is a wild-assed-guess.

So this early morning post with the perhaps magical word PLEA in the title. Perhaps it’ll be seen & read & followed.  I certainly hope so.

Three guys came & spoke with me at last weekend’s Charlotte Hamfest, mentioning there had not been anything posted on the blog for a while. For which I apologize, as lame as that is. There are several up-coming projects worthy of inclusion on this page. Some large, some small. Some technically challenging. Some challenging because of the locations, etc. When the weather breaks, & KI4TZ gets back to the area, we’ll get going on some of them. And I’ll write about them here.

stay tuned…

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