At Last…

Joe & I got over to W2YV’s (SK) place, & finished taking down the last RRohn 25G tower. A 15M Hy-Gain & a very nice
Rutland Array’s (predecessor to Ariane Arrays) 7L 6M Yagi, which I gave to Joe for helping. Trammed the beams down in relatively little time, with no trouble. But of course, after that, it was roadside mishap after mishap–mostly caused by
Dave’s unconventional installation techniques. But all went well & that job is finished.

It’s pouring rain today. Managed to get the trailer of stuff out to Gaston County. The skies literally opened up just about the time I turned off the truck engine. So got soaked & was shivering when I climbed back in the cab; the thermometer read 35 degrees! I vote we shoot the damned ground hog who predicted an early Spring.

GD & I have decided to go to Monticello NY (for N2QV’s repair) next week. The WX forecast looks good (but never trust the forecasters…). Then it’ll be a mad dash to Ohio, then out to mid-MO. Then back home & another mad dash to the University of MD, where their old Mosley tribander finally gave up the ghost & fell down. Luckily no roof damage nor was anyone hurt. A new budget proposal went in today, requesting funds to purchase a new HF Yagi.

stay tuned…

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