Back in The Buckeye State

Well, N4REC, who technically works in Parkersburg, WV, but lives in OH, called, to say the Tennadyne T-12 had shifted on the mast. Again. To say I was disappointed does not begin to cover my reaction, because I’d been up there earlier to fix this issue–installing new hardware, including one of my homebrew “non-slip” U-bolts, etc. So, I was pleased (somewhat, anyway) to find that the bolts holding the torque tube together had failed. And not the antenna’s boom-to-mast plate, etc.  Peter has a lighter-duty Rohn SSV, which required me to fabricate mounting hardware, so I ended up using a long torque tube to get down to a section joint, where I could install the rotator. What caused him to think the big LP had moved was that the 40M rotary dipole, as well as the little VHF/UHF log periodic (a T-28) had both slipped a bit on the mast! The only way to resolve this would be to go up there in a man-basket, realign them, & then pin them. A pricey proposition for a 5-10 degree misalignment issue.

The rest of my time aloft was spent getting a new “commercial” 2M vertical installed–one of the new “new” StationMasters. These 20-ft beasts are always fun single-handed, & this one was no exception. But I eventually got it straightened out & installed (their HD mounting bracket is also a beast for one pair of hands!).

Headed back over to Athens, visiting with old friends & colleagues after that. Then a brief visit to the Athens Hamfest on Sunday morning (where I should have bought a Henry 2K-3 I found on sale for $250!), then up to Holmes County for a visit with my Mother. Home Monday night. Back to tower work this week.

stay tuned…

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