Best Laid Plans…

Well, after a foul up last month, I was hoping that local distributor (Rosenberger Leoni) would follow through
successfully with my current order, but such is not the case. My Heliax is still in New Orleans, for some unkown reason, so planned trip to Ohio for N4REC is on hold. There’s no sense going there if I cannot finish the installation.

Plus, just got another NC client who wants 425 ft of Heliax, with connectors, so hoping Leoni comes through sooner rather than later.

Waiting to hear from local clients about work to fill in the gaps, etc.

While doing some Internet research, one of the links referenced was The DX Zone. Was pleasantly surprised to find a listing of “The Most Popular Ham Radio Blogs,” & find this blog among the Top Twenty.  A heartfelt thanks to readers or however such results are obtained, tabulated, scored, or whatever.  Absolutely made my day.


stay tuned….

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