Blog Ends…

It is with a heavy heart that I type this, but the blog must end. I have just received an email from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, informing me that I have won 10.5 million dollars in an International Lottery. Therefore, this silly blog, which refers to actual WORK, the grunt-and-groan physical labor stuff, will come to an end. I shall retire, and all further communications with me should simply be addressed to K4ZA, care of easy street. You get the idea~!

Once again, the spam filters left something to be desired. But it was worth about 30 seconds of levity, anyhow. A few chuckles, key strokes, and it was gone, along with any change of retrieving said millions. All that was required was for me to send along a copy of my passport (a list of personal data), and the total of $320, for various administrative fees and so forth. Actually read pretty throughout, but there were some spots of convoluted grammar and mis-spellings or typos that leapt off the page. Anyhow, that’s today’s chuckle.

Gathering up tools and parts for work next week up in N VA, provided the WX forecasters are somewhat smarter or more in-touch with things than the creators of this silly ass FBI letter.  We shall see.

stay tuned…

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