Blue Wednesday

The day started out okay…but went downhill quickly.

Drove out to Gaston County storage site, to meet a couple of the locals, who were coming out to buy & pick up some items, & to retrieve a Ham-M rotator for W3EKT. When I got there, the first thing I noticed was the 5X8 work trailer had its doors open. Yes, victim of robbery #5 at this location! Three toolboxes stolen, along with an assortment of tower hardware (turnbuckles, thimbles, & shackles). An my DeWalt AM/FM/charger. About $2000 worth of gear. Why anyone would want or think the tower hardware worth stealing remains a mystery….

Large pry bar used to simply wrench the doors open & off. Spent the DAY working up a solution to secure the trailer overnight. At least the brand new capstan winch wasn’t stolen (probably too heavy to haul away).

Of course, one of the locals forgot to show up; that truly made the day….~!

stay tuned

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