California Dreamin….

That song title brings a flood of memories…mostly all 60s-based. First written in 1963, then released by THE MAMAS & THE PAPAS in 1965, it finally broke nationally in 1966. It helped more-or-less divide the nation musically. You either liked TTHE BALLAD OF THE GREEN BERET or you liked CALIFORNIA DREAMIN…

To this day, folks offer up interpretations of the lyrics. But I digress….it’s not 1966. It’s 2013 & I finally managed to get out to the Visalia DX Convention this weekend. Great fun! Inevitably, the event is compared to Dayton, but the differences so out-weigh any similarities, that it all seems like a moot point to me. W2GD & I had a good time.
Communing with old friends, meeting new ones, & mingling with some equipment vendors in real one on one fashion (it truly is small & intimate), makes for some real interesting dialogues.

Coming home on red-eye flights out of LAX meant we had yesterday to clown around a bit. So we stopped in Sequoia National Forest. They are truly magnificent trees. Awe-inspiring, in fact (yes, we considered numerous wire antenna arrays using them for supports! Then we headed South toward LA. With a few hours left to kill, we drove up to Mt. Wilson. In a word, tower Mecca! There’s a LOT of steel & aluminum atop this 5500 mountain peak, covering all the greater Los Angeles area.

Back home in NC, will be back to playing catch-up, before going back out on the road.

stay tuned…

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