Day NINE in Texas…

Dawned cold & blustery–just about the same weather as when we arrived & began taking the station down.¬† Only difference today? Everything is on the ground & ready to load in the ATLAS moving van, which arrives right on time. We’re apprehensive, as one of the hired day laborers has not shown up, & we face a two hour window of opportunity to load the trailer.¬† The process is compounded by the previous night’s rain, which prompts the driver to stay out on the road–not risking a drive across the lawn, as we’d planned. Which means we have to ferry everything out to the road on K5MR’s trailer, unload & then put it in the trailer. More delays.

But the guys from ATLAS (Stash & Sherman) are very helpful, & they not only provide advice, but listen & respond to the demands of dealing¬† with tower sections & piles of aluminum tubing. And the trailer is literally packed with pads, boxes, & overhead rail bars, which provide multiple solutions to the storage of everything. We manage to load the trailer in four hours, & it is packed! Literally right to the very rear doors. What a pile of goodies, as Steve calls it. And I have to agree–this represents a considerable collection toward building a new station for client WK3W.

After 18 hours on the road, I get a ticket coming off the Interstate ramp by the house. Nothing I can do–the cop’s adamant. And there are three other units working the area, handing out tickets. I guess revenue needs prevail everywhere these days.

Next job? Replacing all of the tools & gear stolen in Texas.

stay tuned…

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