Ever Have One of Those Days?

For those readers who follow along, as it were, in Sparky’s dailyy-life adventures, here’s an update:

The XYL’s surgery went off w/o a hitch. She was scheduled to come home yesterday, but they decided, at the last minute, to keep her for obwervation. Turns out, what they were apparently observing was a simple accounting for the surgical drain tubing inserted next to her wound. To wit, some of it is “missing,” & today’s X-Ray finally proved that it’s still inside Marti. So, she now has another surgical procedure set for this evening to remove that!

Now, if only we can remember to remove the scalpel, hemostat, and/or forceps, et cetera! I know, I know, stuff happens, & this isn’t the end of the world, nor truly all that serious a matter, but I just wish we could get someone to ACT serious about it. Then I wouldn’t have to resort to making smartassed remarks like, “Well, so goes the practice of medicine,” & so forth.

We hoping she can come home tomorrow, & finally begin recovery.

stay tuned

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