Friday, ho-hum…

Ahh…the Internet’s a swell thing….

Received an interesting email from Mike, who’s SM2WMV (SJ2W) about this blog. His own page provides for some interesting reading, as well, especially concerning the contest station he’s building.


Today, off to DE to retrieve W3PP’s old Rohn SSV tower for WK3W.  Luckily it’s not 100 degrees.

Walked downstairs last night & ended up on the floor, writhing in pain. Left knee just went West or someplace it shouldn’t have.  No idea what that was all about. Certainly couldn’t have happened at a much worse time–with all the attendant work piled up. No problems after that, but it did come back this morning, once, simply walking across the kitchen. It never fails in my limited experience, that once a surgeon or physician does something, you’re never really, truly “repaired,” & will require further treatment. I always knew this left knee would come back to needing further work!

stay tuned…

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