Fun in Maryland

After 12 years (it’s almost impossible to think it has been that long!), W9GE called to say he had decided it was time to move on–that he was dismantling his station. He & his xyl were simply down-sizing, etc.

I put up three towers for Bob. Two Rohn 45G models (one a rotating tower), both 80-footers, & then a small 60-foot 25G. So, I headed to MD. We would do the work in a similar fashion to when installing them–using a crane to pluck off the beams, then lowering the towers fully assembled, to be taken apart on the ground. When it took me exactly one hour to get the lowest OB-16-3 off the tower & on the ground, I was a bit nervous, as there were six antennas in total. But never fear, we were done & the crane was leaving by 2:30! Then we all agreed we’d earned a rest…until the following day when we began taking the towers apart. That wrapped up on Friday. On Saturday, I headed to K3RUQ’s to take down his no-longer-working MonstIR, the last of the original five I have built & put up. It was a bit of a bitch to get off the mast, with two Grade 8 bolts pinning it to the 2.5-inch chrome-moly mast. But eventually, got it loose & on the ground.

W9GE - OB9-3WARC on 80-45Here’s removing the top-most Opti-Beam

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