FYI folks…

Spent most of the week just past digging in the dirt & playing with that ever popular building compound–concrete! WA2BCK’s installation is certainly unique, in that all of his  elevated guy post anchors are at different heights, requiring some mental math to make everything fit, as well as some serious physical issues in locating the pipes down or up hills. But, all things considered (it was 102 on Thursday!), we managed to struggle through.

Then a mad dash down to Lake Anna on Saturday, where WK3W & I managed to inventory his old Telrex/KLM collection, & get sales of these old Yagis underway. Then a quick return to ‘BCK’s, where the concrete pumper & truck awaited. Luckily the temperature never climbed above 80-degrees.

Yesterday I managed to slip some simple repairs for N3HS into the mix. When those were finished, I stopped by W3ZZ’s for a visit (Gene lives a short drive away), & later that afternoon, stopped by K3ZO’s, for another visit. Great to see two old PVRC pals….

Tomorrow means moving the old antennas off the trailer, & contacting the buyers. Then into the shop for W4CYS projects. Then readying for a trip to DE to pick up WK3W’s SSV tower.  Work continues to evolve, expand, & envelope me!

stay tuned….

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