Greetings from the Buckeye State

Well, headed up I-77 for N4REC’s Little Hocking, Ohio home, where I thought we’d be installing his old Rohn SSV tower. But, as plans sometimes do, things slid sideways somewhat. First, while the SSV-series towers
are plentiful, & plenty strong in fact, they do not usually come with what we think of as “ham radio” accessory items: mast mount, rotator shelves, & so forth. So, I was forced to fabricate these things on-site. Not a big problem, as I actually LIKE building stuff. But then there was that newly added 3rd antenna, which no amount of imagining while staring at my provided 12-feet of mast material, could or would make work. So, it’ll mean another trip up there to do things right. Plus the crane company came by for a site survey, & I must say, they seem to have reservations about the amount of cribbing required to level up the truck-mounted unit. They may yet back out.

Anyhow, it was wonderful weather. Very cold mornings, but mid-50s by the afternoon. Spent two evenings with the Princes, saw Karen & Ann (old friends from Ohio U days) & in general, enjoyed the off hours there in Athens, which is close to Little Hocking. Barge traffic seems to have almost disappeared from the Ohio River, obviously some of that’s coal-restricted requirements. But perhaps just the slow economy is yet another factor. They remain one of my most favorite images, however–something which just says WORK when you watch or see one. Nothing magnificent or over-whelming about them, but they are slow, steady, & seemingly tireless as they go up & down the river.

Home this morning, with new client emails, plus a very long telephone chat with a new Florida client, too.
As usual, work is piled up, both local jobs & out-of-town clients.

stay tuned…

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