Happy New Year

Friday was spent at K4ATX’s Fort Mill SC QTH. The plan for the day was to get the Xmas tree array
off the tower (72-ft crankup) & then tilt the tower over to ground level. Having been installed 16 years ago, Kim was a little apprehensive about the whole process. But a manlift made short work of the antenna removal (safe & efficient, too). Then we titled the tower over easily, then extended the sections to remove the mast & rotator (an older Orion 2300). All that work went off without a hitch, too. Kim was pretty pleased.

He did manage to take this photo as we first started the process. I had just removed the cover on a small Hoffman box containing a DXE switch, to find a baseball-sized wasp’s nest, complete w/critters. Since it was still only 40-degrees, not a creature was stirring, as some of you may recall hearing just a few short days ago. The spray can made short work of the ones left behind…

HNY to the many readers of this blog in 2012.

stay tuned…

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