Hump Day

And what a hump day it was! Crane arrived & got set up, but we had no room to put the jib extension on. The reach w/o it was 108 feet, but at the setback from the tower, that wasn’t enough. We were about 6 ft below the beam…so…the crane op suggested we pick everything at once–beam included! I rigged it, climbed down, & then the mad scramble began to get the guys all undone, & the base bolts removed. I’d originally intended to take the beam down & then pick the entire 100 ft of 45G at once, but this was a new experience. And I have to give the crane op credit, it went off w/o a hitch. I did break one element on the beam, but only because it got caught in some NC briars ‘n brambles. Otherwise, not a problem. Took a bit longer, too, as we had to dismantle the beam 10 ft up in the air from a stepladder, but certainly better than manhandling things the old fashioned way. Back to SC agn today to pick up the stuff I couldn’t fit on the trailer last night, hi…~!

stay tuned

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