In My Absence…

150 spam messages, a new high!

Spent several days helping the xyl w/things, like walking. Her physical recovery proceeding slower than I (we) anticipated, but overall, things are indeed improving. Her back pain is gone. She suffers from some pain in her feet & legs, which the Doctors attribute to the nerves being shuffled about during the surgery itself. They predict those will last about six months. But she’s left the walker behind, is now using a cane, & has gone back to work yesterday. So,
we shall see.

On the ham radio tower work front: Got back over to Fort Mill, SC & managed to finish K4ATX’s installation. I’ve never seen so many roots in my life–enough so that the trencher stalled half a dozen times! Kim suggests it’s likely because the property where his house sets was once virgin forest. Anyhow, it made digging the line for the perforated
PVC carrying the Heliax & control lines a lot of fun. But we persevered & all was finished by the end of the day on

Today, with pouring rain, I drove up to KZ5ED’s home in the NC mountains, to ascertain just what we might be able to do about getting his 4L cubical quad safely on the ground. It’s setting atop a damaged T2X, on 80 feet of 25G, with the boom split in half. Only the Phillystran truss cables are holding it up there. As the boom is 30 feet long, that’s going to be a dangerous job. No mechanized help is available, & the ground has considerable slope surrounding the tower & the guy anchors. I think I’ve figured out how we can do it, ensuring no one gets killed or injured.

Looking at long range WX forecasts for Ohio, trying to decide if we should jump there tomorrow.

stay tuned….

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