It’s Tuesday…this must be NC…

Home from the road.

A quick dash to Maryland. Spent the weekend trying to stay awake & working 160M at the W3LPL CQ WW M-M station. A near three way tie for first place–the first time that’s ever happened in the history of the test!
Us at 18.5M, K3LR & KC1XX just back at 18.3M…less than 1% difference & way too close to call. Simply amazing. Despite less than good conditions, we had fun & managed to snag 22 zones & 83 countries on Top Band. A disappointment, as we hoping for another 5BDXCC in one weekend, like we managed a few years back, but ’twas not to be….

Monday found me at N3EON’s, trying to figure out why his SWR is jumping around. Conclusion? It’s the damn meter. The BIRD is/was smooth ‘n steady, so we shall see. I’m sending him the high power slug just to confirm things. Otherwise, it means something is arcing on the KT-34 & that means a manlift to get up & at the beam, etc.

Tuesday’s planned rotator repair at W4RM was cancelled. The rotator “fixed” itself, oddly enough.

Wednesday’s work at N3KS cancelled due to, of all things, rain. We’ve had more rain this season than any time in recent memory. More cancellations of work/jobs than any other year, simply amazing. The NC draught is definitely over, although the water rationing is still in place. It’ll probably remain that way now forever.

Plans to get work done for locals K4MK et al are probably on hold, since the forecast is for, ahem, rain, rain, rain.

Off to Texas for emergency repair on Friday morning.

stay tuned…

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