Labor Day (okay, a day early) labors…

I managed to squeeze in a day up in Fancy Gap, VA, installing W4TJE’s new orbital ring rotator–the Ring Rotator PST RR55D. And I must say (& of course I have no financial investment here), this is one impressive piece of hardware! Just terrific in the attention to finish & details, with its all-stainless steel construction and close-fitting tolerances, etc. To say nothing of the superb ramp up/ramp down & super quiet motor. Of course, Jack is most impressed with the self-calibrating feature, never having to climb the tower again to adjust orientation.

Can’t say I blame him one bit.

It took longer than expected to get the old TIC Ring down. After several years in the air, it took literal splashings of PB Blaster to loosen some hardware. And of course, the design itself seems antiquated compared to the Prosistel.

The new rotator is the middle one in Jack’s 15M stack. I’m sure he’ll be pleased

stay tuned…

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