Observations from the road

So, we’re out in N4UP’s front yard. There’s a huge hole in the ground. It appears THIS is where the US Tower crank up is going. Living alone, with the shack in the front of the house, only a short run away, it makes sense. So, I climb down in the hold with the tools and begin to square up the corners (hardly ever possible with only a backhoe bucket). Two hours later, I’m done and we have grunted and groaned the big rebar cage off the trailer and down into the hole, without anyone getting injured.

The next day we build the dorm and lift the T-base support on top of the form. We call the county building inspector. He arrives right on time the following morning at 8, takes one look in the hole and declares it a winner, remarking how much he likes the square corners!

That afternoon the trucks show up. We ease in 17 yards of concrete, level everything off, and go to lunch. When we get back, the surface is stiff enough to apply a “brush finish” (using an ordinary household broom) to the concrete. Peter seems pleased. We get on the road home. Back in 30 days to install the tower and his new T-10 log periodic.

stay tuned…

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