Oh What the Hell…

The spam this week was literally all over the map, in terms of offering a vast variety of marital aids, penile enlargement methods, dating secrets, Windows 7 instructional avenues, praise for my writing style (all under the HIRE K4ZA link, so they’re meaningless, of course.

We’ve started construction of AA4VV’s new 90-ft Rohn 25G tower. The PLP guy grips have arrived, so we can continue building the Phillystran guys. Went to pick up the 1000-ft of UF-rated Romex today, only to have the city counter guy say, “You’ve already picked that up, about 30 minutes ago.”  Quite a surprise, since I’d never been at this establishment before. Turns out, a company called Power Works was there & purchased the reel. Of course, that was their last one, so we’re back to square one in that regard.

Went over to Monroe NC & met with new client K4VZA, who wants his first tower. Sold him the AX-64 we took down in Raleigh, along with the A-4S from the Eastern Shore.  Going to stick Hy-Gain 6M Yagi above that, so should be a fairly nice installation. His next door neighbor is a concrete contractor,  which will certainly make life easier.

stay tuned….

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