Once more, with feeling…

Okay, so it’s hardy song-title worthy–the week just past, that is. But so it goes, as Mr. Vonnegut used to say, regularly, and so aptly, I might add. Spent several days up in N. VA, getting finishing touches on W4CYS’s installation.  Able to resolve most everything but the persistent intermittent on the XM-240, which undoubtedly results from using a 20-year-old jumper from the feedpoint. The crane arrived and we were out of time….so that needs to yet be resolved, probably later in the year, when the weather’s warmer.

Also, Hank and I drove down to his friend KE4MW’s place, and managed to shoot arrows up and through the tree branches and pull string and then lines up, and hung a 160/80/40M trap dipole up for him.  Mike was very appreciative, but we were all disappointed when we turned on his old TS-520 and it didn’t put out any power!

Off to Augusta GA tomorrow for tower work.  WX forecast is (get ready for it) is for lots warmer temps!! I am looking forward to that.

stay tuned

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