Pennsylvania High Jinks (or highjinx, if you prefer)

Met up with W2GD at KF3B’s QTH, where the main task before us was taking down his large (60-ft boom)
20M Yagi from 182-ft. Of course, the usual plan of action with such large beams is to utilize mechanized
help, but here, we were forced to do it the old fashioned way–tram it down by hand. A complicated maneuver made more-so by having a large 15M Yagi six feet below! But it all went off like clockwork, to
use the old cliche. Then we lifted, tilted, & repaired (replacing the balun) the 15M beam afterward.
WE3C purchased the big 20M, & he seemed impressed, helping out during the lowering as a ground
crew guy. Maybe we’ll get hired to put it back up, after he’s made his intended design modifications?

New Heliax phasing lines went up on the tower the following day.

stay tuned…

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