Pretty Happy in Happy Valley

This week found me & climbing partner W2GD in PA, where the work was to dismantle & take down the K3CR station, at Penn State University. Trustee WA3FET used the site extensively over the years for antenna experimentation, & he was obviously successful, based on the DX contest wins, with LZ4AX operating.

Three 180-ft surplus VOA towers with stacks 20 -10M, along with an OWA 40M Yagi. We managed to get all but two of the 20M beams down during our three days on site. Thursday dawned with nothing but rain on the radar, ending our stay there. Exactly what happens next is still undecided. Not bad for a couple old farts doing things the old fashioned way, IMHO~!

Next up, travels to Ohio, for a couple small jobs, & then, of course, the Dayton Hamvention, being moved to Xenia this year.

stay tuned….

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