Recent work…

Well, finally got down to St. Matthews SC & took down K4RV’s 200-ft rotating tower. Two picks with a crane out in the front yard, over the building. Relatively easy work. Had a small mishap when taking down the 1& 5/8-inch Heliax, which ran to the tower top. The rope got away from Tom (K4RV), so in order not to damage the cable, I reached out & grabbed the line. Actually set left-hand glove on fire! Several dime-sized burns on the fingers of each hand, which effectively ended the work for the day. Took the topmost 6M Yagi down with the crane the following morning. Then broke the tower into two pieces & set them down in the yard. Second trip down with my smaller trailer & broke the tower down & hauled six sticks back to Charlotte. Also got Tom’s US Tower 89-ft crankup back together (erection fixture re-installed; it looks almost new, considering it’s been stored indoors since he got it) & successfully laid over horizontal. Potential buyer coming to look at it this weekend.

Made a quick trip to Lexington, NC, where K4MK lives, who called with a referral to a real estate company, which is trying to sell a home with another old crank up tower in the backyard. Turns out, it’s a Mosley Tower Master. Interestingly enough, I never knew Mosley ever MADE or sold a tower. It must be at least 50 years old. But it’s still in excellent condition–with good galvanizing & cables, etc. Had a 4L cubical uad up top. Talked with local crane company & a small truck-mount crane readily available.
Waiting to hear from the real estate folks.

Charlotte Hamfest this weekend. Will be trying to sell W2YV estate items. Then off to Texas on Monday morning for repair work at NR5M for a few days.

stay tuned…

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