Recuperating 101

Well, I guess I should consider myself lucky–to have reached my age (60) having had almost no surgery, other than a tonsillectomy at age five, and then nothing until the angioplasty in 2006.
Being “put to sleep” yesterday was certainly vastly different than the ether experience of 1953.
I thought I was bright and alert & breathing cool, clear oxygen (albeit with a little something extra), and then I woke up in the recovery room. No real pain, nothing save some stiffness. But I came awake this morning at 4AM from the pain–I could seemingly feel one of three tiny holes drilled into my kneecap all right. The prescribed Codein took care of that all right, and on an empty stomach I was more-or-less floating around the bedroom. Today, I’m navigating with the crutches, slowly and awkwardly (last time I used those was 1961, when I broke an ankle).
But the ortho doc says all went well, and he remains confident I’ll be climbing and doing tower work very shortly. It’s another case of someone wondering just exactly how and why anyone in their right mind would want to climb high up in the air. Sometimes I almost agree with the good doctor, but it’s the work that counts, and nothing else seems to be on the horizon, pun intended. I’ll miss the next trip to NR5M, but K6NA will be helping GD in my absence. And all the NC/SC clients have agreed to be on hold for a bit, so Tower Works has a bit of a reprieve, after all.
A picture or two to follow.

stay tuned

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