Monday afternoon, I spotted the name of an old college pal on a bulletin board mailing list–someone to whom I had not spoken or contacted in 37 years! Yet, the spelling/name were distinctive, & I was sure it was the right guy. An exchange of emails proved this to be so, and we ended up chatting on the phone Tuesday afternoon for an hour. While he’s no longer licensed, there’s a strong connection through ham radio (we were both members of the same ham club in college), & he assured me he wants to return to it one day. I was reminded how special the hobby is throughout our conversation, because of the “small world” nature of the connection, the continual references to mutual friends by their callsigns, & the ability to pick up on various memory points seemingly at random, all made for a great QSO….

Thanks Marc!

It’s raining in Charlotte, but not enough to deter some scheduled simple tower jobs, at least that’s my hope anyhow.

stay tuned

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