A while back, after the thieves got through gate (moving some very large boulders to do so), & stealing all my Heliax stock, as well as my nearly-new Sears lawn tractor, I planted some “spikes” in the wheel ruts they made tearing through the lawn. Apparently, they worked, considering just how torn up the lawn was two days later when they likely came back.

Today, going out to pick up the loaded trailer (with WA2BCK’s tower sections & guy posts), I was none too pleased to find it with flat tires! Apparent icepicks through the sidewalls, so no repairs possible. The only answer? Retribution for the above mentioned sabotage on my part. Surveillance 24/7 remains the only possible solution out there, especially since there’s really nothing left to steal! Tomorrow’s departure obviously delayed, as the trailer tires are special order items. Lots of feedback flying toward me: Guns, wine, hiring professionals or off-duty cops, guard dogs, bombs planted in some strategic spots, et cetera.

stay tuned…

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