Soggy days are here again

Met W2GD in State College PA, where WA3FET had engaged us to install a new 40M OWA atop the K3CR station’s 180 foot tower (the 10M stack tower). Rather unique work, considering that Jim
(WA3FET) designed the antenna! It had rained a fair amount, & the winds…well, the winds just kept blowing, & blowing, & blowing…around 50MPH by Sunday afternoon. Once again, it was difficult to communicate with each other, let alone hear anything from the ground crew. We were
finally able to get it trammed up into position yesterday. We hauled the beam up without the two driven elements, then brought those up & assembled the Yagi in place.

Plans to do other work were rained out that evening in another downpour, so simply headed home to Charlotte.

Spoke w/GD again this morning (he flew into CLT on his way to VP5, for repairs there), just about the time I got home!

STILL raining here in Charlotte….more delays.

stay tuned…

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