“…at beautiful Thompson Drag Raceway….”

So went the screaming radio ad which ran seemingly forever on Cleveland radio stations. Whenever I hear the isolated word “Sunday,” I cannot help but recall that pitch line.

But I digress…yesterday was an interesting day. Headed up the local QCWA (Chapter 126) to give a presenation. Seemed to go well (I talked about the negative aspects of Ham Radio Nostalgia), so ran through the NR5M Dayton presentation, as well. Hey, they paid for both my own & Marti’s lunches, so it seemed only fitting. Lots of ooohing & aaaaahing on that one!

Packing & getting ready for tomorrow’s trip back to Texas, in fact. Multiple jobs planned, multiple clients. Shoud be a fun trip. WX even looks good this time out.

Lots of inquiries as to when the tower book is coming out. Still no further proofs from the League. So no definite answer available.

stay tuned, indeed…

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