Surprise, surprise, surprise…as Gomer used to say…

And I certainly was, yesterday, when I got out to Gaston County¬†(where my storage site is located, & where I used to live) to retrieve items for my upcoming job for KZ5ED, and to fabricate some parts for that installation. I have 100-ft of 25G up out there, just waiting for some free time to get antennas back on it, etc. It’s a reminder I’m still a ham, basically. It’s a reminder that my life is more-or-less filled with work demands.

Another 100-ft pine tree came down sometime in the past two weeks. It shattered a small oak tree, which likely diverted the direction of the pine’s fall by a few degrees. The pine missed the tower guys and the tower itself.¬† Indeed, the top of the pine is about a foot from the tower base. I think it passed within a foot or so of the bottom guy.

I simply stood there in awe of my luck once again. Now, sometime within the next two or three weeks, I will have to get back out there with the chainsaws and get this thing cut up and moved. Likely going to be problematic with all the tower work going on, etc. But having missed an earlier disaster from a falling pine, I don’t want to push my luck any further.

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