T-day, as in Turkey Day, not Tower Day.

It’s drizzling & cold, & so foggy we can’t see across the street.

So, a slow day here at home. Leaving tomorrow for Maryland.  Doing the CQ WW @W3LPL’s once again, then tower work up in MD. Booked through Wednesday at this point, then a late night drive home, and then off to Texas again, for an emergency repair on the topmost 10M Yagi in the four stack—-so George can fire all four toward EU for the 10M Contest. Then back home & hopefully catching up with AI0O’s install, along with some of the NC/SC client work which has been piling up. Yes, Larry, this means you!

Yesterday, up in the NC mountains, where the simple replacement of the existing (old!) rotator cable solved the weird problems w/K2SD’s install. While everything appeared to be okay, & Scott assured me the old rotator was okay, the newly lubed & new terminal strip equipped  Ham IV refused to turn.  One of those mysteries of life, as far as I’m concerned. (There were three splices in the line, so I’m taking it on faith that was the failure point, somewhere!) His new T-12 appears to work fb, although I think he’ll have to have some tree work done before too much longer.

stay tuned

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