The Ides of March…

Okay, so I’m a week early–it not being the 15th just yet–but I liked the title for the post.

March is always an interesting month for me, considering it’s my birthday. And Spring is almost here. And work ramps up. And Dayton is just around the corner. And the local Charlotte Hamfest is already here–this weekend, actually. So, the month is filled not only with a variety of activities, but is marked by moments of reflection and turning-inward, too.

Home last night from the weekend ARRL DX Test trip to W3LPL’s, where despite valiant efforts, K3LR got ahead of us again in M-M category. But a good time was had by all, and considering the station is populated entirely by local ops, credit has to be given where credit is due, et cetera…  On Monday, Frank (W3LPL) had arranged a meeting with Bruce, W3YVV, to discuss station design and grounding issues. Turns out, Bruce authored some studies for Motorola, and is, indeed, an authority on this topic! I learned a lot in our brief time with him, and will be using the information in all further station designs. It is especially applicable to the upcoming WK3W project, where the station is to be remote-control capable, and therefore must stay up 24/7, which is decidedly different from most typical ham stations, where things can be left disconnected until needed or used. Again, most informative…

Stopped off in Blacksburg on the return leg, and managed to get new boots installed on NI1N’s 4L SteppIR, without taking it down. Was suffering from some weird stomach problem all day, requiring me to come down the tower, then climb back up, etc. Meaning I climbed 500 ft yesterday, hi…!  I thought it was some bad food at the motel, but still feel crummy this morning, and so am afraid it may be a flu bug or quickie virus. Hopefully I can get through it and not be affected on Saturday, when I have to speak at the Hamfest. About the only hard part of Tom’s job was getting the beam back up and on the boom-to-mast plate. This weird carpel tunnel problem with my left hand severly limited by ability to lift, push, and shove the boom in to place. But all’s well that ends well (to continue these Shakespearean references), and Tom emailed me this morning to say the beam is working well.

Finishing up the PowerPoint presentation today for the Charlotte Hamfest. Got the details on what Contest University at Dayton wants, so will be preparing that PowerPoint later this week. Hopefully can schedule the surgery to FIX the carpel tunnel very soon, so won’t lose much work time.

The accumulated spam was way up this morning….

stay tuned

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